Chartmore Paymaster & Escrow Service

We are now developing our Paymaster & Escrow Service Internationally. We are now a Dubai LLC Company, licensed as, Chartmore Commercial Brokers LLC. The Company specialises in all forms of Paymaster Services, which are ideal for receipt of commission payments for your international transactions such as:

  • Diamonds
  • Gold
  • Metals
  • Scrap
  • Other commodities
  • Agricultural products
  • Exchange of company shares
  • Property
  • Cars, boats and planes

We provide a quick and easy service for our clients.


How to apply:

To ensure a safe transaction on behalf of both parties, we are very careful about our due diligence procedures. Care taken at this stage can often prevent problems further down the transaction line and ensures that all parties involved will be paid promptly and efficiently.

To start the application process, we ask our clients to complete the online pre-approval forms which can be found on our website at: 

Once the form has been completed, just press Submit at the bottom of the page. This will be received by our compliance department to process your application. To see the next stage please go to:

Should you wish to discuss your transaction with us before completing the above forms, you may either contact us by email at: or by telephone to our UK sales and administration office as shown below.

Once we have full information on your transaction, we will provide you with a quotation for our services.

We are also able to supply IBC (offshore) companies and bank accounts to receive your funds via our sister company: Amanda J Molyneux & Company Limited. For further information, see our website at:

Dubai office.

Aspect Tower, Business Bay,Dubai.

Please note: We have recently moved the Company to Dubai. Currently the Dubai office is not staffed as our new Dubai team are under training. We therefore us you to contact our UK based Compliance and administration team.

UK Administration Office
Contact details:
Office:+44 (0)1305 853510
Cell: + 44 (0)771 975 5664.

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