Do you need a new Corporate or Private Bank account?

In recent week's we have seen a real upsurge in requests to open bank accounts. Most of these enquiries come from people who have formed companies with one of our other competitors, who have failed to provide them with a bank account. Amanda J Molyneux & Co have always put banking foremost when discussing client requirements when forming companies. We are licensed internationally with many banks so we are able to open bank accounts for IBC companies (offshore) and even UK Ltd companies.

Being leaders in the field of providing banking facilities to our international clients, three years ago we introduced the bank account pre-approval system which allows us to get pre-approval for a bank account either business or private before any fees are paid. This is a service exclusive to our company and highly valued by our clients. Our fees range from £195-£695.00 and the prices are dependent on the amount of information and carriers requested by the chosen bank. We are happy to give you a quotation upfront after you have completed the bank account pre-approval forms.

If you're having problems with your bank, do not hesitate to contact Amanda J Molyneux and company who I'm sure will be able to help you.

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