Transaction Application Guide

This is a short guide to the transaction application process to open a paymaster account with Chartmore Commercial Brokers LLC. Paymaster account:


Go to the Pre-Approval page here (this link will open it in a new window or tab so you can continue reading these notes).

Complete the application form, then press the Submit Form found at the bottom left hand page.

Your completed form will be received by our compliance department for due diligence and AML procedures. Once our checks have been completed, you will be required to pay a one-off fee of £500.00 GBP to cover the cost of the legal work and drafting the Paymaster agreement. This amount is non-refundable. At this time we will provide you with a firm quotation for the Paymaster fee, which varies from 1-2% dependant on the transaction value.

Once the initial document fee is received, we will draft the Paymaster agreement for signature.

Once both parties have signed you will be allocated Bank account numbers for your transaction to proceed.

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